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Bohemian Pirate's Journal
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Below are the 8 most recent journal entries recorded in Bohemian Pirate's LiveJournal:

Thursday, February 20th, 2003
2:47 pm
I'm BACK online
Okay, apparently I suck keeping my LIVE JOURNAL updated. Its been a long time! In a desperate attempt to contact my little sis IMZADI22 via her band website, I stumbled onto her LIVE JOURNAL, and then on mine. SOOOOOO, TERRY CALL ME!
According to the last entry, I was running a guest house in New Orleans. No more! I am now working at Jazzfest! So...anyone wanting to check out our website, its
We are heading into Mardi Gras now...starting tomorrw...the big parades roll in. Open invite to all our friends! EXCEPT IMZADI22 because she forgot she has a sister!
Saturday, December 8th, 2001
11:19 pm
Living large in New Orleans
Its been so long since I've updated this journal. Just living it up in New Orleans. Its really such a breathtaking city, especially during the holidays. The lights are up on the mansions, horse & carriage rides look more inviting, and the fog in the air seems most fitting.
We are still in the Castle, doing the b&b thing. Lots of ups and downs in the biz, and I am now convinced that everyone is half crazy. Oh well, if you can't beat them...
This whole damn day was spend lying horizontal in bed. After an "interesting" evening down in the quarter we finally ended up back at home at 4 a.m. Its been a while since I've stayed up that late, so today I was completely useless. Eric woke up and served breakfast to the 2 guests that were here, then headed to school to study. I managed to get up only to clean my bedroom since I could no longer stand the mess! Then I was sucked in to a Molly Ringwald fest!! I lost the day to Breakfast Club and Pretty In Pink. Although I have seen both movies HUNDREDS of times, they still suck me in.
Thursday, August 23rd, 2001
4:03 pm
My first few chronicles of my life in the Big Easy...
August 15, 2001

Its 11:00pm and this whole day has been pretty much wasted on telephone drama. Day 9 of putting out yogurt, fruit, coffee, hot water, marble bread, and little mini-muffins. Its groundhog day as the owners come in, frazzled in the day to day dealings of rental units, lawsuits, Garden District stiffies breathing down their neck. Young Hungarian office managers running around pissed off, lesbians with tool belts fixing loose wires, and all the while, guests coming down for breakfast, right into the storm, oblivious to it all, discussing what a great time they had at Delmonico, Commanders Palace, or some other tourist destination.
Some guests are so wonderful to talk to, such as the ex-navy couple from Worster, MA. We talked about the east coast, the wonderful magnolia trees in New Orleans, Jean Lafittes Pirate Bar, and the cost of real estate. Then there are the ones that you wonder why they even bothered leaving home at all. Bitching about the size of the room they are in, when you know full and well, they dont come from much to begin with. Just looking for something to complain about. Ill never forget the first guest we hadfrom Lubbock Texas, scared that she was the only one in the castle. She was spooked, although she knew full and well that this guesthouse is haunted. Not only that, but she chose to stay in the most haunted room of all! Then she complained about not being by any places that sell food. Okaywe are one house off of ST CHARLES STREET!! Famous for the best houses and food in ohperhaps all of America! Good riddens. She checked out today.

The weather has been muggy. Every day the same as the previous one. Rain, rain, and more rain. Mosquito bites are the goose bumps of the south. What I wouldnt do for a glass of ICE COLD WATER.
All in all, its been quite an experience so far in the Big Easy. The most exciting part was perhaps finding out about the happy hours here. Ambiance with food and cheap drinks cant be beat for anything.
Kat has also given me keys for a property in the French quarter. So basically, I have keys for 5 properties in the quarter. I dont know quite yet what to do with them.
My husband has started law school at Tulane today. What an excuse to get away from it all.
Dont stop the carnivalits only just begun.

August 17, 2001

I am away from the castle right nownot that it doesnt have the ambianceits just, well, I noticed that it will suck the time from you. The office is so inefficient its unbelievable. Bohemian Armadillo has managed to escape everyday with that whole law school thing. Its left to me to manage the stupidities. This morning I said goodbye to the mother/daughter team from Houston. The mother seemed so sad. Regretful that half of her childs growing
years were spent in depression from her marriage. Or lack of marriage. This trip was a bonding trip for the two of them. A mothers last year to make up for her inability to be there for her daughter through 8 of her youthful years. I hope that the future will bring her better times than the past.
Then there was the family from South Carolina that checked in last night, with BOAT in tow. They were ten tons of fun. They damn near ate us out of house and homepoor Kat. Only four more days of them. Why do the worst people stay the longest?
Todays drama was trying to get the phone company here to unfuck the fuckup they did with installing phone service. As I tried to get them to fix it, they actually tried to sell me something else I didnt need. I said, lets try to focus on the problem at hand as I dont really need extras if I cant even establish a dial tone! The nerve.
Today I have an interview for a maid. I thought to do the old mom trick, and approach some Hispanics. They always know where some good help can be found!
Andy leaves tonightthat should be interesting. I dont know how Kat works without him near, but my guess is, not too well. He seems to be the voice of reason, as opposed to her being the dreamer. I guess that is a recipe for a good partnership. Well see.
I am still holding some keys to some property in the French Quarter. I was handed them, without knowing ohlittle things like, what to do with them, where it is, etc. This is nuts. There is no rhyme or reason to this insanity.

August 21, 2001

As for the hicks that we were stuck with for four days, that problem was taken care of, as Kat made sure they left earlier than expected. Perhaps the boat parked in the driveway pissed her off, or maybe the fact that they were sitting in the driveway with a cooler of Budweiser? Well, they checked out that very day.
Things have been quiet around the castle with the occupancy level low. However, the most unusual thing happened last night. As Eric and I were making out daily rounds of the rooms, inspecting the new housekeepers work, we noticed a loud radio coming from the third floor. Upon further inspection, we noticed the Bordello room wide open, with fan blasting, all lights on, and the radio on the highest level. I was disturbed right away, as I knew no one had been in the room, and the maids would not leave it that way. Eric dismissed it as the maids doing, and proceeded to turn everything off.
This morning I had asked the staff about it, and of course, no one knew of it. Joey, the office manager even told me he remembered that it was closed when he last seen it.
SoooI am a little spooked. My first experience with theghost.
I am currently down the street at a jazz bar, listening to the piano man belt out songs of sorrow, as I sip on a glass of Merlot. Not being completely irresponsible, I have the resident manager cell phone, making me forever on call. Yeah, going to be real helpful after drink three. All is good with life. This is exactly where I need to be. I actually have the piano player playing Willie Nelson songs for me now. You havent lived until youve had a New Orleans piano player serenade you with Luckenbach Texas. Although, this is his fifth Willie song, its beginning to be embarrassing.
Wednesday, August 22nd, 2001
10:01 am
I am a bad bad journal keeper!!
Okay its been forever since I've updated, and I apologize to all 3 of the people that keep up with my journal! Its been wild here in the Big Easy, and I am barely keeping up with myself.
I promise to write very very soon.
In the meantime, talk amongst yourselves.
Friday, July 20th, 2001
12:05 am
Back from Nawlins...
Okay, so we head down to the big easy on a house hunting-job trip, and end up Inn Keepers of a haunted mansion in New Orleans' Garden District. Why do the lyrics "you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave" come to mind?
I am very excited...and nervous, for good reason.
As I researched New Orleans' homes, I found that most are haunted, so I guess I am counting my blessings that it is benevolent?!
Anyway, I have to do this. It makes a great story.
Imzadi gave me a great idea of how to market this story to publishers so we will see if it pans out!
The place is awesome! The owners are very cool...and well, it teaches me how to run a bed and breakfast...one of my life dreams. My husband had always wanted to get a law degree, and I have always wanted to do the bed and breakfast gig, so its cool we are both getting what we want...at the same time!! Be careful what you wish for!
I am here at my parents casa right now, north of Austin. I love it here. I absolutely LOVE MY FAMILY! They rock! Today is my daddy's birthday too. I so feel like a kid whenever I am here. I guess that is the point. We all need that break from reality!
I must get a duplex ready for renters (paint,carpet,&tile), pack up my old apartment, and move to New Orleans in one week exactly. I am so frazzled. I am waiting to exhale.

Who knew laying carpet would one day be a priority in my life? I never cared about carpet before. I still don't!
Time for bed, I am delirious!
Tuesday, July 10th, 2001
4:15 pm
Back from Boston
Okay, I am back from the most relaxing visit to Boston only to be immediately thrust into our own personnel Armaggeddon. I can't even spell it...I am too distressed to look it up!
We were suppose to close on a house today, only to have everything blow up in our face in the 11th hour. Won't bore with the details, but will try again tomorrow.
My husband just put in his resignation at his job today, we buy a house tomorrow, and I leave on Thursday to New Orleans to find a place to rent.
One day I will look back at this and laugh, till then I will just have a toke.
Thursday, June 28th, 2001
3:04 pm
@*&#^@*&#^#* COMPUTERS
Just called my sister for a little help with this journal thing, so I can put smiley faces on my enteries.
She was sweet to be patient with my computer ignorance.

I take that comment back about not deserving that happy hour.

I need a drink.

Current Mood: frustrated
2:11 pm
Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans...
I am here in Austin Texas. I have always wanted to live back here, in Austin Texas. So here I am, in Austin, Texasfinally. And I cant wait to move.
I guess that my reputation precedes me among my friends. When I call them on the phone and say, "guess what", I get no your pregnant, or perhaps, you got promoted. Its, your moving, without even the hint of surprise. I dont understand the lack of enthusiasm for me. Its not everyday people move you know! I guess I am not people though.

Maybe this started as a byproduct of being an army brat. Being shlepped around from army base to army base. Always having to start over. Having to meet new friends, learn new customs. Always an adventure.

Along the way, I have picked up a husband, and a great set of vintage luggage that I often wonder where both there travels have landed them. At least the husband can tell me some of his adventures. As for the luggage, well, I know they at least spend time in Tampa bayparticularly in an antique shop.

So now, the husband, luggage, and I are headed to New Orleans. Not just passing though this time. We are headed to the big easy for what may be the longest place we will be at one time.
I think as far as places go, we cant go wrong there.

Okay...enough of this computer stuff. I have managed to procrastinate the whole day away.

I at least managed to advertise a duplex that we will soon own. Oh the excitement of landlording. I can't wait.

I must get ready for an undeserved happy hour.

Current Mood: apathetic
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